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Youth want greater job security


The survey, conducted by the youth trade union Mladi Plus, also showed that 34% of those questioned had been looking for a job for more than a year.

Presenting the results earlier this week, the union's head Tea Jarc said the survey debunked the myth that young people no longer wanted permanent jobs or being committed to a single employer, and that they valued freedom more.

Her colleague Anja Korošec said that youths were willing to accept many things to get work, including bad working conditions or labour law violations.

"Young people see their situation as hopeless and have internalised the impression that they are the ones who need to lower their standards and consent to worse working conditions," Korošec said.

One out of three (32%) of those surveyed reported they were currently working for free, and 80% were working at jobs they were overqualified for.

Almost half are willing to get self-employed if that was the job requirement, but it they had a choice only 4% would prefer being self-employed.

"The decision to register as a sole proprietor is thus not a free choice but often a must," Korošec noted, adding that only 10% turned to authorities in case of violations.

The trade union was surprised to find out that 30% of working youths do not get paid or receive extra days off for overtime.

They also reported discrimination at work, most over their gender or ethnicity.

The survey was conducted in two parts among more than 600 young people, those in work, those with a job and those who are still studying.

Ahead of Labour Day, the Mladi Plus trade union urged young people to stand up for their rights.


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