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Tapestry of Nature



The initial idea of the locals was to change a deserted municipal plot of land into something nice and heart warming. Working under the supervision and help of professional gardeners from all over Slovenia, the local enthusiasts worked relentlessly until they had created their dream - a 7-hectare park of flowers and greenery. As early as April the park starts showing off its beauty, when thousands upon thousands of flowers start blooming and delighting visitors with all its colours and perfumes. The carefully designed parade of nature continues until October, when the park closes after the pumpkin exhibition. Slowly walking around this beautiful park in springtime or early summer, when the majority of the flowerbeds are covered in tulips, it is hard to imagine that in the autumn of 1990 almost the entire park, flowers - soil - everything, was washed away by the flooding river that gives it life. It's not just the flowers that make this park so wonderful, typically Slovene buildings from the past compliment the idyllic setting and illustrate life in the Upper Savinjska Valley. The mill, farmhouse, corn loft, blacksmith shop, storage hut are but a few of them. Beside the artificial lake there is also a Fishermen's cottage and an amusement area where old traditions are being revived. The whole park complex is a great destination for a relaxing one-day visit and you'll get to know a little bit about the hidden treasures in this part of Slovenia.


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