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A Mighty and Curved Legend!



The Land Rover vehicle was instrumental in pounding the dirt tracks of Africa, slicing through the jungles of South America and pushing outwards the British Colonial power as it used to be. As a result, Land Rovers can be found in just about every corner of the world, from an olive grove in Cyprus to a Safari plain in deepest Africa. The vehicle is a legend, built not on myth, but on pure tradition, conquering the unknown, tests of incalculable mechanical endurance and above all a thorough breed among 4x4 vehicles. One statistic above all outlines the pure resilience and tradition of this vehicle. Of all of the Land Rovers ever built from 1946/1947 to date, 85% are still operational or in some sort of working order throughout the world. No other car manufacturer can claim this phenomenal achievement. It is therefore hardly surprising that where Land Rovers are found, that an enthusiast club will also be active somewhere. From Portugal to Japan, Land Rover clubs are at the forefront of the most loyal and one of the most well known vehicle brands known to man. Slovenia is no different. The Land Rover Club of Slovenia The Club was established five years ago by a few ardent and mind numbingly loyal fans. Their passion was immediately catching and before long, more and more enthusiast joined the club. So much so, that an official and legal club was established to handle all Land Rover related events. The club is now widely spread throughout Slovenia and members own all kinds of different vehicles, from a Series I, 1947, Ex-Yugoslavian Fire Engine, through to a Series 2, 1968 Safari Long wheel based vehicle, to the all new and exquisite Range Rover. The club and its members have a very open and friendly approach and the attitude is to promote and demonstrate all aspects Land Rover vehicles and what they stand for. Information, experience and knowledge is available at any given time, with many members experts on a specific aspect of the vehicle, whether it be tires, mechanical or other additional equipment. Another important aspect of the club, apart from the essential "Landie talk" is the large area of interest that surrounds the Land Rover brand. The vehicles are hugely popular family vehicles, ideal for a weekend spin in the country or to get to a secluded area for a picnic using some legal dirt tracks. The club organises weekend touring events to visit beautiful parts of Slovenia including lunch or picnic along the way. A great fun day out for the entire family and friends. Members of the club also organize longer and more arduous overseas trips and expeditions. Recently, 6 vehicles travelled to Morocco to savour the North African delights and later, 7 vehicles met up with fellow Croatian enthusiasts and visited the wonderful Velebit region. The main objective of the club is to enjoy Land Rovers and what they stand for in a friendly, club and family atmosphere and to undertake these activities in a responsible and long term manner. In many ways (and has been said throughout the world) that Land Rover enthusiasts are a particular and funny bunch of people in many respects, but that they are particular in all the right ways and for the right reasons. There are no class structures, no boundaries, no divides, no differences. The enthusiasts meet as one and have a common bond and unity which makes everyone bond together. In many respects this is unparalleled in similar group or team activities. Many critics have slammed such Land Rover clubs as being destructive, aggressive, mindless and earth eating maniacs. This is so far from the truth as to be laughable! The Land Rover club is not orientated towards hard and destructive off-roading. The club does not promote off-roading activities, instead it aims to educate and train Land Rover owners in being utterly respectful of green field sites and other designated rural and country areas. The club is implementing a "Tread Lightly" philosophy where training and seminars will be given so that each and every member will become a reliable, respectful and thoughtful driver in the Slovenian community. Driving, both on-road and off-road, is a social responsibility and Land Rover owners and enthusiast are fully aware of this and in time will be the show case for responsible and safe driving. Why not come and see for yourselves, at the annual "Land Rover club of Slovenia day" being held on Saturday 29th May at Lemberg (near Smarje Pri Jesah - towards Celje) from 10.00 A.M. onwards. A warm invitation is offered to all those interested. You do not need to own a Land Rover, just come and enjoy the day and view some impressive pieces of machinery and curves! Please check out the club's site at the following address, the invitation details are both in Slovene and English:


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