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Prague, Plečnik and Vines


Saint Urban's Day, the patron saint of noble wine drops

On the name day of St. Urban, the patron saint of vine growers, we will open an exhibition of photographs at the Old Vine House, which will present the southern gardens of the Prague Castle of Hradčani, which is also the President of the Czech Republic's residence and the largest museum complex in the Czech Republic.

Plečnik's legacy in Prague

Vine growing at the Prague Castle has a long tradition that was once briefly interrupted. In the twenties of the last century, architect Jože Plečnik (1872 - 1957)rearranged the southern gardens and, on the part of the castle shore facing the city centre of Prague, also designed terraces on which vines grow today. An exhibition of photographs will present the site of the descendants of the oldest noble vine in Prague from its planting in 2012 to this spring and Plečnik's vineyard, where the vineyards of the "Hibernal" variety are planted. 

A touch of Czech wine culture in our country!

Ceremonially, we will plant a vine graft of the grape variety "Hibernal" from the Prague Castle's vineyard. Thus, we will symbolically transfer part of the life of that environment to the oldest vine, and after this autumn we will plant the seedlings to a permanent site at the future City Museum Collection of Vine and Wine in the immediate vicinity of the Old Vine House. 

Finish the wonderful evening at Opera Night in the Maribor City Park!


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