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Boosting employee cooperation and revenue by investing in office space



According to office design guidelines, there should be fewer adaptable offices and common areas should be larger. Research indicates a strong link between employee cooperation and good business results, so you should consider investing in an office space where your employees will find it easier to cooperate with one another and strike a balance between individual effort and team work.

If you think it is impossible to find the business premises that would enable the establishment of your new offices, you are mistaken! Browse through DUTB's business premises to find the perfect premises to house your company's new offices.

In the very heart of Ljubljana, there are numerous attractive office spaces on Trdinova ulica, Slovenska cesta and in the Eurocenter office building, with parking spots available nearby. Across the street from the Eurocenter office building, the Delo building houses offices that offer a breathtaking view of the Ljubljana city center. Also boasting a great location are the partially-leased office spaces at the intersection of Celovška cesta and Litostrojska cesta.


Eurocenter office building


In Trzin, just outside Ljubljana, business premises are being sold that can be adapted to your needs. Housing numerous businesses, the premises can be found at an attractive location in the commercial and business zone and present a wise investment for the future of your company.


Business premises in Trzin


In Maribor, as well, real estate is in high demand. Thus, investments in business premises situated in the second largest Slovenian city are a good idea. Among the investment opportunities is a partially-leased commercial building at a great location in the center of Maribor, with its own parking spots. Business premises are also being sold immediately next to the University Medical Center Maribor, and on the left bank of the Drava river, close to the Maribor city center. In Melje, office spaces can be found on Ulica Kraljeviča Marka 6 and Ulica Kraljeviča Marka 19. Additionally, there is a commercial building with offices, an apartment, and a warehouse by the Maribor-Ljubljana highway.


Commercial building in the center of Maribor


If you are planning on relocating your business to Belgrade, there is a commercial building comprising offices and a car salon being sold in New Belgrade.



Commercial building in New Belgrade


Browse through our selection of business premises here.


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