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"What will you improve so that Slovenia becomes more attractive to foreign talent?"



"In the last year, Slovenia lost thousands of young people who left our country in search of a better life, meaning we also lost a lot of intellectual potential that our society needs in order to become highly and technologically advanced. For Slovenian experts, researchers, innovators, as well as talent from abroad, we will create an environment where individuals will have the possibility of progressing and realising their life goals, their future, and where optimism and the joy of living will be seen everywhere. At the same time, when we will de-bureaucratise the country, reduce unnecessary administrative burdens that burden individuals at every step, introduce opportunities for flexible employment and reduce the tax burden on people, we will surely become an attractive destination for creating one's life path and family."

Janez Janša, President of Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS)



"The Slovenian economy is small and can only be globally successful if it is based on science, knowledge, creativity and innovation. Having said that, we need to foster high value-added sectors where talent, both local and foreign, is needed and which can offer many exciting opportunities for personal and professional development. Slovenia's natural beauty and high quality of life are attractive by themselves, but this is not enough. To attract foreign talent, we need to create an open economy with simple and fast administrative procedures for foreign citizens, attractive and competitive personal income taxation, governmental and community support for their families with easy access to education, healthcare and other social services. They need to feel welcome and included, sharing the same rights as any other citizen. When we do what needs to be done, we need to increase institutional promotion to help our businesses bring these people on board. Many would have already come if the above-mentioned basics had been provided."

Marjan Šarec, President of the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ)



"Slovenia is already an attractive destination to live, work and do business in: a safe place, with top-class public childcare and education, affordable healthcare and good infrastructure; an open and integrated part of the EU. These are comparative advantages we should focus on and build upon. The specific proposals are to:
1. Strengthen, improve and extend our public services (health and elderly care, education, safety...) guided by the principles of solidarity, quality and accessibility for all;
2. Taxation reform focused on reducing the burden on worker compensation;
3. Simplify life, work and business in Slovenia by clarifying administrative procedures and reducing the number of regulations.
Our program is based on confidence for Slovenia's future: to be the best place to live, work and do business."

Dejan Židan, President of Social Democrats (SD)



"Slovenia is a country in which it is nice to live. The level and availability of services that determine the safety and quality of life is high and incomparably better in our country than in many countries, which we sometimes look to or want to get close too. And many people who have a job opportunity or lead us to different ways agree on that. With regard to this, will people who can make a significant contribution to the development of our companies, the education system, art and society in general, even more often decide for Slovenia, however it is imperative to simplify bureaucratic procedures. It is also important that as a society we reduce our reservations, not just prejudices against foreigners who want to spend part of their lives with us and prove their knowledge and abilities here. In the long run, we will also be successful because we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that connect us with others, with the world. "

Dr Miro Cerar, Slovenian Prime Minister and The Modern Centre Party (SMC) President


NSi "It is necessary to lower taxes and encourage development"

Slovenia is less attractive for foreign investors and talented people, primarily because it has excessive taxation of labour, low wages and a disadvantageous business environment. These problems have been dragging on for many years and unfortunately the ruling politics has shown no interest in changing it. In NSi we say that the arrival of highly qualified and talented people in our country is possible only if we quickly solve the abovementioned problems. In NSi we have prepared a set of concrete solutions to improve the business environment that needs to be de-bureaucratised. Above all, it is necessary to lower taxes that are hampered by Slovenian companies and craftsmen and consequently, there is a lack of funds for development and search for talented employees. Our solutions also foresee an increase in the general income tax rate, so that every worker in Slovenia would receive a higher net salary with the same gross wage.

Matej Tonin, President of the New Slovenia Party (NSi)


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