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High-time for an investment in the construction of apartments



Most of the demand is for apartment buildings, and it seems multidwelling units have once again become an interesting long-term investment. As experts believe that a high number of apartments could easily be sold in Maribor at this moment, it is high-time to seize the opportunity and invest in Maribor's undeveloped land lots.

Nestled in a beautiful and peaceful location, the building land on Iztokova ulica presents a grand opportunity for the construction of an apartment community in the urban part of Maribor. The land lot is located at the edge of a condensed commercial, residential, and trading zone. In the immediate vicinity are a kindergarten, school, post office, shopping center, and all the other infrastructure necessary for a comfortable and easy living. Access to the lot is provided by means of the local asphalt road. The land lot has a building permit for the construction of apartment buildings. It is possible to construct approximately 250 apartments (depending on their size) with underground parking garages. Partly, the foundation holes have already been dug. The surroundings have connections to utility supplies, and all the necessary infrastructure can be found in the vicinity. Additional information is available here.


Building land on Iztokova ulica


Also interesting is the building land for the construction of residential and mixed use buildings at a strategic location on Nasipna ulica, right next to the Europark shopping. The land lot is zoned for the construction of multidwelling units, with a small portion of the land planned for mixed use buildings. Because of its location by the shopping mall, this land lot presents a highly inviting investment opportunity.



Building land right next to the Europark shopping


Another opportunity for the construction of a residential community is the building land beside the Magdalena Park in the center of Maribor, measuring a total of 11,765 m2. The attractive land lot lies on Jezdarska ulica in the Maribor City center. The immediate surroundings mostly comprise multidwelling units. Currently, the building land is a fenced construction site, zoned for a multidwelling development project. All the necessary public infrastructure is found in the immediate vicinity, and the land lot is accessed from a local asphalt road. The exceptional location of the lot and its accessibility present an opportunity for the development of a breathtaking apartment community.



Building land on Jezdarska ulica


Along the Maribor arterial road, there is another undeveloped land lot planned for the construction of multidwelling units. According to the municipal zoning plan, the lot in the total size of 36,993 m2 is zoned for residential construction and other central activities. The vicinity of the land lot is equipped with all the necessary utility connections, and the access is via the local asphalt road. Additional information can be found here.


Undeveloped land zoned for residential construction along the Maribor arterial road


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