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Brussels proposes Slovenia get EUR 100m in support of reforms


The Commission has envisaged EUR 25bn in current prices for reform programmes in labour market, education, tax systems, capital markets and business, and for investment in human capital and public administration overhaul. The programme is divided into three parts.

The first part, which will make available EUR 22bn, is a tool to help implement reforms. Available funds will be divided among all member states based on their population in two phases.

In the first 20 months, EUR 11bn will be made available, with EUR 51m or 0.46% of the entire sum earmarked for Slovenia. In the second phase, the Commission will divide the rest of the available funds, taking into account unused funds from the first phase.

This means that Slovenia could get up to EUR 102m, if the division will be the same in both phases. The country could get less or more, if successful in vying for unused funds.

The second part of the programme is intended to offer technical support and is to be worth EUR 840m.

The third part of the programme is intended to help EU member states without the common currency to introduce the euro. Under the proposal, EUR 2.16bn will be made available for this part.


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