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Analysts agree tough path ahead to potential coalition


Alem Maksuti of the Institute for Political Management echoed for the STA the hung parliament concerns, noting that irrespective of who will first get the chance to form a coalition, securing 46 MPs and forming a government will be a long and arduous process.

Maksuti said that the Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) and the National Party (SNS) also making it into parliament, raising the number of parties to nine, had additionally complicated the situation.

Matevž Tomšič pointed out that election winner Janez Janša and his Democrats (SDS) face "the major challenge of winning over one of the parties slightly left of centre, which have all been rejecting a coalition with Janša".

However, a potential anti-Janša coalition of sorts, consisting of left-leaning parties, would be a similarly complex affair, since this side of the political spectrum is very fragmented, the professor at the Nova Gorica School of Advanced Social Studies.

What is more, such a coalition would need to include the Left, which Tomšič described as radical, "even neo-communist", which renders it incompatible with some of the parties in such a potential coalition.

Maksuti meanwhile added that the SNS is the only real surprise of the election, arguing the National Party's return to parliament is the result of the "dominant discourse in Slovenian politics and the disappointment of voters, who are looking for old new faces".

Maksuti added that those who will end up in the opposition will be the losers of this election, while everyone else have a lot to gain in the talks.

Things are also not looking good for the parties whose heads will not make it into parliament or are not appointed to the cabinet, the commentator argued.

They may well be looking at a slow political death, he said after the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and current Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec as well as SAB president Alenka Bratušek failed to secure a seat in parliament.

Maksuti has practically written off the People's Party (SLS), the former mainstay of Slovenian politics, which has seen another failed attempt to return to parliament.


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