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No fines under new GDPR regulation yet, Finance says


The reason is simple: until a new bill on personal data is passed in Slovenia to transpose the regulation and to replace the existing personal data law, inspectors will not be able to fine a company as envisaged by the GDPR.

If they find a violation of the GDPR, the information commissioner will be able to task the company not complying with it with doing away with the shortcomings.

Inspectors have the power to issue a fine only if they establish a violation of the existing personal data act.

And the "notorious" new bill is not expected to be passed any time soon. A draft is expected to be released in summer, but then it has to go through the government and parliament.

"Although you cannot expect to be hit by multi-billion lawsuits just yet, as is the case with Facebook, you cannot handle data in a negligent manner.

"The new rules are here and many companies have already adapted to them, yet many questions still remain open," Finance concludes its commentary Be Careful and Get Down to Work.


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