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Freak weather undermines Slovenia's food self-sufficiency


According to preliminary data from the Statistics Office, the country's fruit production decreased to 39,700 tonnes from 91,000 tonnes in 2016 and 156,110 tones in 2015.

With the fruit consumption at 186,100 tonnes or 71.3 kilos per capita last year, the self-sufficiency rate declined to 21.3%, from 31.8% the year before and 47% in 2015.

In the case of vegetables the rate was higher, at 38.7%, which is still down three percentage points from the year before.

The country's vegetable output dropped to 96,400 last year from 105,500 tonnes with consumption at 248,800 tonnes or 113.2 kilos per capita.

The country also had a low self-sufficiency rate for honey. Production decreased by 38% to 800 tonnes, meeting 45% of the country's needs. An average Slovenian consumed almost a kilo of honey.

The self-sufficiency rate for potatoes dropped by five percentage points to 49.7%. With the consumption at 155,000 kg or 68.2 kg per capita, production decreased to 77,100 tonnes from 84.910 the year before.

Much higher self-sufficiency rates were reported for grains (63.1%) and meat (81.5%), although the rate in the case of cereals fell by as much as 11 points.

The output of cereals decreased to 547,000 tonnes last year from 638,080 the year before with consumption at 866.700 tonnes or 120.8 kg per capita.

Slovenia produced 156,900 tonnes of meat last year, which compares to 148,550 tonnes the year before. With consumption at 93.2 kg per capita, the self-sufficiency rate increased by five points to 81.5%.


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