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Fancy a holiday home just 100 meters from the sea?



Dream location

Approximately 15 kilometers away from the Slovenian border lies BaĊĦanija, a settlement just a hundred meters from the beach by the old stone lighthouse in Savudrija, Croatia. The peaceful community of 12 villas with access to all the necessary public infrastructure is enclosed in a fence with two entrances, and there is a remote-controlled double gate positioned at each of the entrances. Beside the entrance, there is also a door for pedestrians that is unlocked with a key. The asphalt-paved driveways and the road in the settlement are illuminated by public lighting.

Comfortable living for all generations

Constructed in 2005, the villas have not yet been occupied. They are designed as two-apartment housing units with their own private entrances. Individual villas are separated from one another by means of either a low-rising stone wall or a natural border made of bay laurel, lavender, palm trees, and Mediterranean shrubs. The villas have connection to electricity and water supply.

Classic Istrian architecture

Authentic natural materials found in Istria were used in the construction of the villas. The flooring in the living rooms and bedrooms is made of parquet, and the remainder is tiled with ceramics. The landings and stairs are lined with natural stone and the windows are made of insulating glass. All twelve villas are equipped with an intercom system.

Plenty of room indoors and a lush garden outdoors

The lower ground floor in each villa features a bar, wine cellar, fitness, sauna, storage room, bathroom, and a jacuzzi. The basement and the featured installations enable the setting up of a separate apartment with a pleasantly cool temperature, a separate bathroom, and a chimney that makes it possible to set up heating,.
The ground floor features a kitchen, dining, room, bedroom, two bathrooms, and a living room, and a covered patio with an adjoining lawn. The first floor comprises two bedrooms with covered balconies and two bathrooms.

The villas feature their own gardens and lawns with a diverse selection of Mediterranean shrubs and trees that are excellent in providing shading and privacy. Additionally, each of the villas features two parking lots.

Affordable prices

The villas offer from 215.38 m2 to 217.42 m2 of net floor area, and the sizes of the land lots range from 275.028 m2 to 414.798 m2. The prices of the villas at this elite seafront location start at EUR 325.000,00 (tax included).




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