The Slovenia Times

Delo worried ECB not lifting all anti-crisis measures


The ECB president, "super" Mario Draghi, has taken an expected step: the European monetary authority is ending "money printing" worth over 2600 billion euro at the end the year, while not changing the other relic of the last crisis - the historically low interest rates - for at least another year.

The ECB's decision means the European monetary authority is only slowly getting back to a more normal monetary policy, Delo says in its front-page commentary Before Closing Down Printing House.

Quantitative easing, introduced at least two years too late, while US Federal Reserve acted much faster and more efficiently, has revived economic optimism and fuelled growth in Europe, also in Slovenia, but has failed to reach one of the key goals, as the eurozone inflation remains low.

Delo notes that the US's protectionism and announced trade war are no good news for the European economy. The economic momentum is slowly going and the geopolitical imbalances in the euro and world economies are gaining ground.

"A new crisis in Europe is not yet on the horizon, but risks that could lead to it are becoming ever more concrete. The question of how the ECB will act if the crisis comes when it has not yet even lifted all the anti-crisis measures from the last crisis is thus more than warranted," the newspaper concludes its commentary.


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