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New faces have caused impasse, grand coalition an option


Delo says that the new-faces project did not bring the expected result this time, as Kamnik Mayor Marjan Šarec's participation in the presidential election last year meant he entered the game too early.

The leaders of parties in the centre and left of the political spectrum now face the problem of having to subordinate themselves to a novice, whereas Šarec will have to break with everything he represented during the campaign - while he spoke it was time for a new generation of politicians, he is now cajoling the old guard into joining him.

The centre-left parties would also have to swallow a very bitter pill if they agreed to a coalition with Democrats (SDS) leader Janez Janša.

Janša is a very specific figure on the Slovenian political scene, but the cornerstone of all antagonisms in the arena has mainly been the fact that the SDS was the only party capable of challenging the left's monopoly.

There is simply the conviction entrenched in Slovenia that the left is preordained to form a government while all else is a supplement meant to create the illusion of plurality.

A coalition bringing together the left and the right could possibly function as a catalyst of meaning and definitely as a protection against excessive appetites for power, Delo says in Hungry for Power, Hungry for Meaning.

A new early election is also a possibly. Its outcome would be very unpredictable, but it would almost definitely not feature Šarec as a possible prime minister-designate. Probably nobody but Šarec would regret this.


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