The Slovenia Times

Slovenia should step up its game energy-wise, Delo says


Slovenia should get rid of the illusion that its energy system is still exemplary stable, because it is based on large hydro power plants, which were mostly built during some old systems, the paper says in Now It's Getting Serious.

The share of petrol and diesel in the consumption of the total of 1.1 million cars in Slovenia is above average, and the country will never reach the EU goal without thorough changes in transport.

Transport should be fuelled by electricity or hydrogen, which needs to be produced from renewable sources, and investments in efficient public transportation are also a must.

Solar power plants should be connected to charging stations for cars, which could be a great opportunity for Slovenian companies. Another solution is more floating hydro power plants, smart networks and management systems.

Networks need to be strengthened, both for more renewable sources and for electric cars and heat pumps for heating. Transition can be an opportunity, not only a burden. We have producers and enough know-how for the global market, we just need to turn around much faster, concludes the commentary.


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