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Opening of the renovated part of the ZOO


Due to ice damage, which Ljubljana suffered in 2014, all fences and flying enclosures in the upper part of the ZOO collapsed, including the outer fence, and one third of the trees on the steep slopes was destroyed. The repairs took four years, and the Director of the Ljubljana ZOO Zdenka Barbara Ban Fischinger, MA, said that a kilometre of new outer fence has been erected and new paths have been set up, which are now less steep and therefore more accessible to parents with baby carriages and people with disabilities. She added that enclosures for wolves, lynxes, ibexes and elks have been renovated, the cabin has been refurbished into a hotel for insects and birds living in the wild, and now a new 2500 m2 big enclosure for reindeer has been opened with three young reindeer already living in it.

On the occasion, Mayor Zoran Janković expressed his utmost respect for the whole team at the Ljubljana ZOO working ever since the ice storm towards a single goal, namely, to give back the ZOO to its visitors as soon as possible, making even more beautiful than before.



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