The Slovenia Times

How attractive is Slovenia for foreign talent?


Slovenia, a neighbouring country of Austria, with EUR 3.2bn of Austrian investment, more than 700 subsidiaries and 20,000 employees, is one of the top ten important trade markets for Austria. Therefore, Austrian companies in Slovenia employ Austrians, mostly managers, technical engineers, researchers and branch specialists, to support the Slovenian workforce with their knowledge and expertise. According to the Statistical Office of Slovenia, in 2017 about 78 Austrians commuted to their job in Slovenia daily and about 1,200 Austrians live permanently in Slovenia. On the other side, in 2016 more than a quarter (27 %) of emigrants with Slovenian citizenship left for Austria and about 12,000 Slovenian citizens commute daily to Austria, most of them to Styria and Carinthia. About 80% of all commuters are men. It can therefore be determined that, generally, people commute to countries with a higher purchasing power than their country of origin.


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