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How attractive is Slovenia for foreign talent?


The German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce is a driver of the concept of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation in Slovenia. New knowledge, technologies and innovations are the foundations of development. Therefore, we are organising training for SMEs on how to start on the path towards Industry 4.0 and the further steps towards a Smart factory. Research and development, along with new technologies, will discourage young Slovenians from going abroad and will mean added value for Slovenian companies.

Slovenia has, according to an economic survey by our Chamber, the best suppliers and conditions for R&D in CEE countries, but lacks lower salary taxation and flexibility of labour law, both of which are a matter of politics. Nevertheless, we can see that Slovenia is attractive because of it's beauty, central location and the linguistic competence of its inhabitants. Most European states have faced a labour shortage in recent years, therefore we think that the companies will have to invest more in employer branding to reach and get the employees needed for faster and higher growth.


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