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How attractive is Slovenia for foreign talent?


Slovenia and especially its capital Ljubljana, is getting more and more interesting for young foreign experts for their internship or their first job. They are attracted by beautiful nature, a vibrant city culture and easy reach to nearby big cities and travels around the EU. However, they tend to choose the country for short stays only. We are observing the opposite situation with experienced professionals, there is a lack of progressive companies who require their expertise or companies cannot afford to pay them accordingly.

To put Slovenia on the map as a hub for foreign talent, there is an urgent need to create a business environment which will apply western liability standards. This will increase the inflow of capital and investment, enable domestic or foreign high-tech companies to offer appropriate conditions for skilled foreign workers and talent. We should not forget science (where Slovenia already plays a significant role), we should explore possibilities that applied research of Slovenian scientists is implemented in our country or even attract top foreign talent to do their research in Slovenia. 

As long as we are only attractive for low-qualified and low-cost labour from even poorer EU or neighbouring countries, we are doing nothing more than just filling the gap in production automation.


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