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Ten years since vignettes were introduced for toll collection


The first vignette was a half-year vignette, which reached sales of EUR 60m, while total toll for cars and heavy vehicles collected in 2008 was EUR 201.62m.

The first annual vignette was introduced in 2009, with DARS collecting EUR 238m in total tolls, including EUR 108m from vignette sales.

Revenue from vignette sales kept growing every year, reaching EUR 180.4m last year. DARS has so far sold 2.9 million vignettes for 2018.

The growth in vignette sales was accompanied by the growth in fines. DARS supervisors have so far issued 460,200 fines, with the fewest fines being issued in 2013, when 41,600 drivers were caught driving on Slovenian motorways without a vignette.

DARS has told the STA that revenue from toll collection represents the bulk of the company's total revenue, which is used to repay loans taken for the construction and repair of the motorway network.

Since vignettes were introduced, DARS has opened a total of 145 kilometres of new motorways and expressways and refurbished more than 300 kilometres.

DARS is currently operating and maintaining a total of 617.7 kilometres of motorways and expressways in Slovenia.


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