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Slovenia urged to make further efforts in fighting corruption


According to a press release from GRECO, Slovenia has implemented most of the recommendations with regards to preventing corruption among MPs, judges and prosecutors. Three recommendations have been partly implemented and two have not been implemented.

Some progress, although limited, has been made with respect to members of parliament, the anti-graft body says, pointing to the upper chamber's adoption of a code of conduct. "GRECO has found it insufficient in respect of conflicts of interest, supervision and sanctions," the report says.

The lower chamber, the National Assembly, meanwhile has not adopted a code of conduct. Regardless of GRECO's recommendations, it may be that the new parliament will not be bothered with the code, as Speaker Matej Tonin said it unnecessary.

"You have ethics in you. If you don't have it, a letter on the paper will not help you anyway," he has recently said.

As regards the National Assembly's rules on contacts with lobbyists, the recommended provision of training on ethics and integrity and the establishment of dedicated counsellors, GRECO "considers that not enough has been done to implement these recommendations".

With regards to the judiciary, the anti-corruption body says that significant progress has been made in implementing GRECO's recommendations.

"Amendments to the judicial service act have given a more prominent role to the Judicial Council in the selection process, guaranteeing greater uniformity and predictability of selection criteria," the report says.

Moreover, the council has adopted the Code of Judicial Ethics and Integrity, and an anti-graft policy for courts has been released and training on integrity and ethics for judges has been organised.

According to GRECO, only its recommendation with regards to a revision of the appointment procedure for Supreme Court judges to minimise the risks of political influence is still pending.

Prosecution fared even better, with GRECO noting that all eight recommendations have been fully implemented.

The report highlights as positive the return of the prosecution service under the wing of the Justice Ministry from the Interior Ministry.

Additionally, GRECO finds it positive that recommendations on conflicts of interest with accompanying sanctions and a policy on corruption risks have been adopted, and that counter-corruption training is provided for prosecutors.

The report also marks the end of GRECO's compliance procedure "in respect of Slovenia in the thematic round on corruption prevention among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors".

It will continue monitoring corruption in the government, including in the top echelons of power, and in the police in the fifth thematic round.


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