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Delo says it is high time to put healthcare system back on its feet


Nobody has been willing to lend an ear to the doctors in recent years, which is natural given that they keep repeating the same thing: the Slovenian healthcare system has the lowest funds per capita among all developed countries.

This verifiable fact, which is the reason behind most of the problems, is shunned by other sectors in the country - were more money to be allocated to healthcare, less would be left for the rest.

Politicians also do not like any of the simple measures that would raise funding. It is almost as if they do not want to take care of the vital things so that they themselves remain necessary.

Developed countries tend to have hospitals of equal quality, all of their hospitals push strongly to get the doctors, nurses and equipment they need. In Slovenia everything is turned on its head.

Hospitals here have fewer and fewer doctors and nurses and the equipment is used up. Things are now also running out at UKC Ljubljana, the last resort patients could count on. It is urgent that Slovenia starts dealing with issues that are vital for its people.


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