The Slovenia Times

Above average hydro levels boost power production


While many areas in Europe are struggling with drought, the conditions in Slovenia have been more than kind to Slovenian rivers.

Power utility HSE, which manages the hydro plants on the Drava and Soča rivers, has told the STA that the hydro levels for the Drava surpassed the long-term average by around 30% in the first six months of the year.

The Soča, which benefited from melting snow, also saw above average levels in the four months of the year, while the levels have been below average in May and June.

The favourable conditions have led to the HSE's hydro plants producing roughly 20% more electricity in the first six months than expected.

The long winter and relatively favourable spring weather also benefited the plants on the Sava river, where power production exceeded plans by 120% to 138% in the first half of the year.

Gen Energija, whose subsidiaries manage several plants on the Sava, explained an equal distribution of rainy periods was key for high hydro levels.


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