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Delo says Slovenia still far from getting new government


Parliamentary parties have not even found common ground on what the main dilemmas are, other than the long waiting times in hospitals, which need to be reduces as soon as possible.

"Is it halting privatisation, tax breaks for the middle class, reducing spending on defence, equalising funding of public and private schools, or something completely different?"

For now it seems that not even the second round of attempts to find a prime minister-designate will produce results. The negotiations between Marjan Šarec's quintet and the Left are far from being over.

The predominant opinion is that the Left, in its internal referendum, will not be able to give up on their rather utopian positions and that, despite the sincere intentions of the negotiators, will not be a part of the new government coalition.

The lack of common points between the parties is being compensated for with the opposition to and fear of Janez Janša of the election-winning Democrats (SDS).

This is the main point of identification for the five parties centred around Šarec, which is why many believe that a snap election is the likelier option than any coalition, concludes the commentary Marking Time.


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