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Peko facilities sold to Maribor-based company


The 20,000-square-metre complex was sold in two packages. The first package - encompassing the old shop floor, the office building and a woodworking workshop - was sold for EUR 910,000, while the other - which is currently used by Peko's subsidiary PGP Inde - for EUR 459,000.

Two groups of Tržič-based companies bid for the first package along with Reliant, while one group of local businesses and PGP Inde unsuccessfully bid for the second package.

The local businesses from Tržič which currently rent the facilities and failed to acquire the buildings are hoping to keep their offices.

"If a financial firm buys the complex there is always fear as to what will happen but maybe we will come to an agreement," said CEO of one of the companies Proalp Matej Slapar.

He said Proalp and another company from Tržič were planning to buy Peko's facilities together with a foreign partner and create 100 new jobs. Slapar said they would try to buy the complex from the new owners.

Miha Gros of shoemaker Migi wanted to buy the facilities with service and retail company Bečan Trans to turn it into a production and logistics complex.

The fate of sole maker PGP Inde, which survived Peko bankruptcy and employs almost 100 employees, is also unclear.

The new owner is expected to take over the complex in November, with Reliant CEO Dejan Šurbek saying that the complex is to be revitalised.

The complex was first offered at an auction in February but none of the bidders were willing to pay the asking price of EUR 2m. This time, the asking price was the same, but was lowered by the bidders.

The money from the auction will be used to repay Peko creditors. Another former Peko facility is still on sale in Ljubljana and a few pieces of real estate in Serbia along with some supplies. The once celebrated Peko brand was acquired by rival shoemaker Alpina in February.

The bankruptcy procedure is to be closed within two years.


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