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Opportunities for profit in uncompleted property development projects



DUTB's portfolio includes attractive uncompleted residential properties that undoubtedly present a wonderful investment and profit opportunity. DUTB takes part in developing and completing these projects, but all the properties are made available to potential investors before their completion.

On Ferrarska ulica in Koper, a commercial and residential building is being sold. Built in 2013, the building comprises 164 apartments, 29 business premises and parking spots in the underground car park. The building boasts a prime location very close to the Koper city centre, only a several-minute walk from the seafront. All the necessary infrastructure including stores, kindergartens, schools and public transport can be found in the immediate vicinity.



A recently built residential building in Vojnik near Celje comprises 43 apartments in the size of 34 to 98 m2. The building features indoor and outdoor parking spots and storage rooms. All the necessary infrastructure is found in the vicinity, including stores, a bank, town hall, kindergarten, and primary school. The settlement and the surrounding area offer plenty of spots for exercise nature getaways.



In Vrtojba, not far away from Nova Gorica, an elderly home with serviced apartments is being sold. The elderly home is planned for 120 beds in single and double rooms. Each room features its own bathroom. A large common area as well as other multi-purpose areas can be found on each storey. On the ground floor, there are areas dedicated for supplementary activities. Building B is planned for 38 serviced apartments, and a part of the ground floor for supplementary activity areas.



Being sold in Tolmin is a residential building built in 2011, featuring 9 vibrant and modern apartments measuring 60 to 100 m2. All but one apartments have two parking spots and a storage room. The covered parking spots are located in the basement and on the sixth floor. Storage rooms measuring 5 to 25 m2 are found in the basement.


In Škrjančevo near Domžale, two unfinished residential buildings with a total of 16 apartments are being sold. Each building comprises 4 uncompleted apartments with large atriums on the ground floor and 4 partly finished duplex apartments on the first floor. Each apartment also has a storage room in the basement and outdoor parking spots.



Also available to investors is an uncompleted commercial and residential building "Ob Jarku" - Centrum measuring over 10,000 m2 and located at a prime location in Maribor. The external construction of the building is completed, with the construction having stopped altogether in 2010.

A partly new and partly renovated residential and commercial building is being sold on Slovenska ulica in Maribor. The property includes an entirely renovated part of an old bourgeois house that features two business premises facing the street on the ground floor, 6 studio apartments on the first and second floors, and a 4-room apartment in the loft. In the courtyard, there is a new build extension featuring a bar with an exit to the atrium, two small business premises in the passageway on the ground floor, and a 3-room apartment and a 4-room duplex apartment on the first and second floors.



The above properties present an opportunity to invest in properties as wholes, and then sell them to end buyers as individual broken-down units. The upturn in the real estate market is spawning new real estate projects, and uncompleted developments that only need to be finished present unique investment opportunities as they can be offered to potential buyers long before new build project are completed.

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