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Left supports cooperation with minority govt


Out of the 40.81% party members who voted, 84.66% said they were in favour of the party forming a cooperation agreement with Šarec, Left MP Primož Siter said on Thursday.

Party members were asked whether the draft coalition agreement was a satisfactory foundation for the drafting of an agreement defining potential cooperation with the minority government.

Siter was happy with the turnout, saying that the figure was an indication of an "active rank and file". The referendum had a minimum turnout condition of 25%.

When asked whether this means that the Left would support Šarec in the PM-designate vote, Siter answered "no, but it's a good starting point for further talks and the drafting of the cooperation agreement".

He reiterated that the Left would only support Šarec if it received a guarantee that no major changes would be made to the coalition agreement following the PM-designate vote and after it signed a cooperation protocol.

Siter added that these matters are close to being finalised and believes that the cooperation agreement will be adopted in coalition talks with potential partners tomorrow.

"We're ready... everything else depends on the quintet," he said, adding that it would also become clear tomorrow whether the Left would support the Social Democrats' (SD) leader Dejan Židan for parliamentary speaker.

Šarec meanwhile said that the referendum result "augurs well for the next steps". However, he pointed out that a cooperation agreement still needed to be signed.

"After that all conditions will be met for the Left to contribute its votes in the PM-designate vote next Friday," Šarec said in a statement forwarded to the STA by his party, the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ).

He added that Luka Mesec of the Left had told him days ago that those at the top of the party would do everything in their power for the referendum to show support for Šarec.


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