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Healthcare experts say Fakin knows issues in sector very well


However, FIDES head Konrad Kuštrin wonders whether he will be able to do what is needed to resolve the most burning issues in health care.

Kuštrin labelled Fakin "courageous" because "he will be trying to save a sinking boat alongside the people who have been drilling holes in it for the past four years".

The unionist was reserved about whether Fakin was the right man for the job. But he did say that Fakin "knows very well the classic demands in health care".

If he meets them, he will have our support, said Kuštrin, adding, however, that he does not know how this can be done within a left-leaning government. Kuštrin added that doctors would insist on being excluded from the public sector pay system.

Metod Mezek, the head of the Association of Health Institutions, is more optimistic. He labelled Fakin a good candidate and competent expert.

He has no doubts about Fakin possessing the right vision for Slovenia's healthcare. "If he is lucky and puts together a good team, we can be optimistic."

Mezek expects that the first thing the new minister will do is find additional funding sources for the healthcare system.

He also expects Fakin to draft legislation on the management of healthcare institutions, as these need greater autonomy. He also believes that the coalition agreement would be a good foundation for Fakin's work as minister.

It is however not yet clear whether Fakin will be nominated for the office by Prime Minister-designate Marjan Šarec. Fakin told the STA on Friday that he met with Šarec's party and that there were no differences in positions. Šarec is expected to decide about the candidate today.


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