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Consumer prices in Slovenia up 64% since 2000


Romania is the record-holder with a 257% inflation rate since the beginning of the millennium, followed by Hungary (98%), Latvia (87%), Bulgaria (85%), Estonia (80%) and Slovakia (64%).

Following them is Slovenia, which has been an eurozone member since 2007, which has contributed to a lower inflation compared to the listed countries, Eurostat says, noting that inflation in Slovenia was relatively low in the crisis years.

In Slovenia, prices of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products were up by 159% in the period, followed by housing and water, electricity and gas supply (118%), hospitality and hotel services (97%) and education-related goods and services (80%).

Prices of food an non-alcoholic beverages were up by 72%, healthcare prices by 44%, transport prices by 39% and clothing and footwear prices by 7%, according to Eurostat.


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