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Govt provides EUR 5m in incentives to five companies


According to the Government Communication Office, the Economy Ministry will secure the funds by rearranging its financial plan.

Of the EUR 5m to be secured to the companies this year, Yaskawa will receive EUR 1m. The Japanese company is building its European robot manufacturing operation in Kočevje, plus an extra plant to manufacture electric motors and components.

Yaskawa's investments in Kočevje are valued at EUR 50m and are expected to create 500 jobs. The government has pledged a total of EUR 5.6m in incentives for the project.

Another EUR 4m will be allocated to four Slovenian companies.

Kovis Livarna, part of the Brežice-based supplier of braking systems for leading global manufacturers of trains Kovis, will receive EUR 1.25m for a EUR 25m project of modernisation of its foundry in Štore (NE). The company has already received EUR EUR 2m in public funds.

The Kovis investment is to create 85 jobs by 2020; five this year and 40 in each of the coming two years.

Medicop, the Murska Sobota manufacturer of medical and ambulance equipment, will meanwhile get EUR 900,000 for a EUR 6.6m new warehouse and development hub. The company has already received EUR 900,000 in public funds.

The orchid grower Ocean Orchids from Dobrovnik (NE), which has already received EUR 2m in state subsidies for a EUR 9.3m logistics centre, will get EUR 1.25m.

The new logistics centre, covering 35,000 square metres, will be constructed adjacent to the existing production facilities, and is expected to employ around 40 new workers when operating at full capacity.

The Moravče-based quartz sand, core and casting aids manufacturer Termit, has received a EUR 600,000 subsidy for its EUR 3.4m new production facility.

The new core-making Termit facility, to be built in Zagorje in central Slovenia, is expected to create 33 jobs until 2021, most of them next year.


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