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Technology will completely transform tourism, panel hears


Arctur is working with Slovenia's best tourism and ICT faculties to create a technologically supported tourism sector that would make tourism a driver of positive change, according to Urška Starc Peceny, chief innovation officer at Arctur.

According to Starc Peceny, they are working on an innovative ecosystem where every tourist can cause change. "We put a local resident in the centre. In this system the impact is important."

Towns would be given a chance to set the limits on the number of cars and tourists they can accept, and these numbers could be monitored using various sensors, Illijaš said. "Each destination could set up their own model."

The system would be based on motivation and reward. Tourists would receive crypto tokens, which would have different value in different places, to manage and optimise tourist experience.

Tourists could also earn tokens by contributing to the community, for example by reporting on environmental issues or using local natural resources, for example water, sparingly, or reduce their use of hotel services, such as room cleaning.

But they could also earn them by reporting about their experiences, for example in a museum, on-line in real-time to provide information to others.

Through a personal crypto passport that would be based on a trustworthy government-owned platform tourists would be assisted when dealing with the information and supply overload.

Welcoming this vision of Tourism 4.0, Helena Bulaja Madunić, art director and creative producer at Teslopolis from Croatia, expressed the belief that in ten years, Tourism 4.0 would become a reality.

Zenel Batagelj of Valicon, an expert on technology, meanwhile believes the future will very much resemble Pokemon Go Coins and that computer games will significantly influence the way of thinking and development, including in the tourism sector.


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