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At a prime location close to the Maribor city centre, a four-room apartment in a relatively new apartment building is being sold. It is found on the first floor of the apartment building on Koroška cesta 80 in Maribor. It measures 140.90 m², with 14. m² 50 dedicated for the lounge and 3.1 m² for the underground storage room. There are two parking spots in the size of 13.00 m² in the basement of the building. The sales price for the is EUR 158,500.00 (+ tax), which translates to a little more than EUR 1,100.00 per square metre (+ tax).

In Notranje Gorice, namely in Podovnice, an unfinished semi-detached house is being sold. The house was built in 2007 and completed up to the third construction phase. The net floor area of the house amounts to 195.80 m², with the belonging land 264.00 m². The house is being sold for EUR 155,000.00 (+ tax).



In Limbuš near Maribor, a terraced house is being sold together with the belonging land. Located in a calm and mostly residential neighbourhood, the house has never been moved into. Close to the neighbourhood is the Limbuš railway station, and the primary school is just a few hundred meters away. The ground floor features living room areas, a kitchen, small bathroom, storage room, and an exit to the patio. On the first floor, you can find three bedrooms, a large bathroom, and a balcony. The sales price for the house amounts to EUR 168,000.00 (+ tax).



In Benedict, a two-room apartment with a patio is being sold. The apartment is part of a relatively new apartment building. A parking spot is provided in front of the building, which was constructed in 2010. The apartment features a living room with a kitchen and a dining area, which has exits to the patio, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. The apartment is being sold for EUR 51,175.00 (+ real estate sales tax).

In Tabor near Vransko, seven newly-built houses with net floor areas of 105,00-107,00 m² are being sold together with the belonging lands measuring 178,00-208,00 m². The houses were built in 2008, and their prices range from EUR 119,135.00 to EUR 131,111.00 (+ tax). A school and a kindergarten can be found in the immediate vicinity of the houses. Ljubljana is a 30-minute drive away, while a ride to Celje only takes 15 minutes.



On Istrska ulica in Kozina, two duplex apartments with balconies are being sold. One is found on the third floor and the other in the loft of a residential complex. Each of the apartments includes two parking spots in the parking garage. A ride to Ljubljana takes less an hour, and the Slovenian coast is a mere 20 minutes away. One of the apartments measures 132.00 m2 and is being sold for EUR 149,000.00 (+ tax), while the other one has a net floor area of 159.60 m2 and sales price of EUR 179,000.00 (+ tax).

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