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Pahor meets businessmen over their fears, calls for dialogue


In the letter presented last week, the SBC urged Pahor, Speaker Dejan Židan, PM Marjan Šarec and other heads of parliamentary parties to respond to attacks on businessmen after they criticised some of the measures from the coalition agreement, most notably the planned taxes on capital gains.

"Trust in politics and cooperation between politics and social partners need to be restored," Pahor said on the eve of the vote on the Marjan Šarec government in parliament.

He was also quoted as saying by his office that dialogue should be based on arguments and respect, which will be decisive to achieve political security.

SBC president Marjan Batagelj labelled the meeting "very useful" as he spoke to the press after it on Wednesday.

He welcomed Pahor's view that stakeholders should not resort to hate speech and stigmatise each other, but to discuss issues in a tolerant manner.

"In this way he gave us some hope that the new government could act to secure a stable economic environment."

"The problem emerged when entrepreneurs become stigmatised, when there was talk about nationalising our companies, when we didn't know whether we're still welcome," said Batagelj.

He said today's meeting showed that entrepreneurship was still valued in society, stressing it should remain so if the country was to be successful in the future.

The SBC also presented to Pahor the petition For Entrepreneurial Slovenia, which the club launched online last week and which has already been signed by more than 1,000 companies.

"Slovenian businesses have never seen such unity before," said Batagelj, who attended the meeting together with SBC executive director Goran Novkovič and three members of the club's board.

Meanwhile, the businesses' grievances were commented by the deputy group leaders of three coalition parties, with Igor Zorčič of the Modern Centre Party (SMC) saying it was good to listen to what they had to say.

"I think their fear is not warranted, but it's right that they have pointed it out. Yet we should be careful enough not to let them create policies," he said.

Brane Golubović of the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) and Matjaž Han of the Social Democrats (SD) believe it is too early to talk about taxes since the government has not been appointed yet.

Both also stressed that all measures would have to be harmonised with all social partners.


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