The Slovenia Times

Delo: NLB privatisation first real test for govt


If the first procedure to sell the country's No.1 bank was officially suspended due to Brexit (but in fact due to reasons in domestic politics), there is now practically no room for a resit.

Although the country cannot lose credibility, because it does not enjoy any among international financial institutions, it could lose a lot of money.

"If we are selling the bank, let's do it with self-confidence so that we get the best possible price," the newspaper says in the commentary Let's Go about NLB Sale with Self-Confidence!

Getting as high a price as possible and selling the entire 75% stake at once is a guarantee for salaries and pensions, Delo says, wondering whether citizens would prefer a salary or a stake in NLB.

Leaving an ideal scenario aside, the paper says nobody is bothered with the sale in its initial stage, with a road-show in financial capitals yet to come.

But the further the procedure gets, the louder opposition to the privatisation will get.

Delo expects the critical moment to come in October, when Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) as the custodian of state assets or the government has to endorse a price range within which NLB shares will be sold.

It expects SSH to duck responsibility, delegating it onto the government, where anything can happen. "I believe this will be first real test for the new government," the commentator says.


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