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Rogla to offer treetop walk next summer


The construction will also include a 35-metre observation tower with another 440 metre circular walkway and a slide from the tower.

The EUR 4.5m project will be fully funded by the German investor Erlebnis Akademie through its Czech subsidiary Zažitkova Akademie in line with a contract signed on Rogla on Friday.

The company made an agreement with the Zreče municipality to rent the land envisaged for the project for the next twenty years.

According to the CEO of both companies Bernd Bayerköhler, the treetop walk will be fully accessible also to people on wheelchairs.

The construction should start this year if weather permits. Setting up the construction takes three to four months, so the opening is expected at the end of July 2019.

Erlebnis Akademie is Europe's largest manager of natural parks, which employs 100 people. Its last year's turnover reached almost EUR 12m.

Its projects include adrenaline and family parks, and educational centres. The core company manages five such projects in Germany and Austria and the Czech subsidiary three in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Rogla is annually visited by half a million people.


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