The Slovenia Times

The biggest outdoor St Martin's Day Celebration in Slovenia


"Celebration of Autumn" Procession

The procession of wine queens, harvesters, folklorists, farm women, rafters and representatives of wine orders and associations walks around the city centre and joins the celebrations, bringing the autumn produce and food as a symbolic tribute to autumn.

Local Food and Wine Tastings

Join the people of Maribor and nearby towns and villages for the ceremonial blessing of the must. Celebrate in the company of famous musicians and musical ensembles. Try the food and the drinks offered on the stalls of local vinegrowers and winemakers, tourist farms and other restaurants.

In honour of St. Martin and the Old Vine

The celebration of St. Martin, the saint who transforms must into wine, represents the symbolic end of all the winemakers' efforts and is the final event of the Old Vine Festival, a festival of wine, culture and gastronomy, organised in honour of the Old Vine, the world's oldest vine.


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