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New Year, New Statute



This has caused some disquiet among the owners and drivers of the 950,000 registered vehicles in Slovenia. However, according to more recent reports, existing first aid kits will remain valid and only newly registered cars will be forced to carry the new ones as the Slovenian manufacturer of the kits, Tosama, was unable to guarantee that enough kits would be available by January 1st, 2005. The reasoning behind this new regulation is to standardize the content of the first aid kit, which by law each car must carry, and thereby make it easier to effect changes to them in line with policy adjustments. The new kit will contain some basic essentials, which will enable anyone attending the scene of an accident to provide rudimentary first aid should it be necessary. Improved Content There will be substantially more items in the new kits, which will be appropriately packaged to protect them from moisture, dirt and damage. The kits will contain foil for preventing hypothermia, equipment to assist in the provision of artificial respiration, special rounded scissors, gloves and products for treating burns and other injuries. No More Sharp Objects The new first aid kits will not include sharp objects such as razors and safety pins. Should you decide not to buy a new first aid kit it is still advisable to check the content of your existing one, as older and incomplete kits may not be sufficient to provide adequate first aid care. The new kits cost SIT 6,500 for cars and SIT 4,500 for motorcycles.


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