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A land with an approved municipal detailed spatial plan recoups the investment sooner



DUTB's property portfolio includes attractive plots with OPPNs already approved. This type of a plot presents an attractive investment opportunity as it enables you to offer a property to end buyers straight away.

Vrhnika - merely 22 km from Ljubljana, with excellent transport connections

A land plot at the edge Vrhnika in Sinja Gorica, on Ljubljanska cesta, which connects the centre of Vrhnika and Ljubljana. In accordance with the OPPN, the location of the plot is suitable for construction. Many grass areas, large shopping centres and apartment buildings are found in the immediate vicinity. The land boasts excellent connections to transport infrastructure.



Exceptional land plot in the Littoral region

In Šmarje near Koper, a plot of land is being sold. The project documentation has been drawn up for four construction permits, namely for the access road with the utility infrastructure, for an apartment building with eight apartments and two commercial facilities, for three apartment buildings with a total of 36 apartments, and for 16 terraced houses.



Due to good transport connections, Kranj is increasingly popular among end buyers

In the City Municipality of Kranj, a land in the total size of 20,005 m2 is being sold in Srakovlje. The community infrastructure levy has already been paid. The concept design for land parcelisation and the setting up of utility connections has already been prepared. A total of 22 land plots and sales of individual building lands are foreseen.



The developing Nova Gorica

In Rožna Dolina in Nova Gorica, building lands in the total size of 31,770 m2 are being sold. An OPPN has been approved for the area, which is zoned for the construction of single-residential and multi-residential dwellings. All the necessary infrastructure is found nearby.



In Šempeter near Nova Gorica, a building land is being sold. An OPPN has been approved for the area, foreseeing the construction of multi-residential and single-residential dwellings, as well as commercial buildings. The total size of the land amounts to 36,609 m2.



Attractive investment opportunities in Maribor and the surrounding region

The Studenški razgledi building land in Maribor boasts a prime location. The size of the land amounts to 19,092 m2, and the plot is located at a beautiful and peaceful location on Iztokova ulica in Maribor. A building permit has already been acquired for the construction of apartment buildings: it is possible to build approximately 250 apartments (depending on their size) with parking spots in the underground car park. The building land is already partially excavated. All utility connections are found nearby, and the necessary infrastructure is located close to the building land.



A land plot is being sold in the developing suburbs of Maribor, zoned for the construction of residential units and other central facilities according to the municipal spatial plan. Other neighbourhoods, shopping centres, commercial buildings and green areas can be found in the immediate surroundings, accounting for an increased investment value of the location.



A land plot is being sold in the urban heart of Maribor, not far from the Europark shopping centre. It boasts excellent transport connections, all the necessary infrastructure, and is located close to the city centre. The land plot is part of the Ta 3 - C zoning unit which foresees the construction of apartment buildings, with a small part dedicated for mixed-use facilities.



A building land in the immediate vicinity of the Magdalena Park in the centre of Maribor is zoned for a multi-residential construction project. All the necessary public infrastructure is found nearby. The land is accessed via a local asphalt road.



A building land zoned for the construction of residential and commercial facilities in Celje, perfect for completing new commercial and residential units in Slovenia's third largest city. The land is part of an area which, according to the the OPPN of the City Municipality of Celje, is zoned for residential buildings, commercial services, care services, and parking facilities.



A land plot in the total size of 5,076 m² is being sold near the Ptuj town centre, which is zoned for the construction of individual apartment buildings. The land is located at an accessible site in Nova vas near Ptuj. The site is mostly built with single-residential dwellings.



Another building land, which is appropriate for the construction of apartment buildings, is being sold in Ptuj. The land amounts to 19,561.00 m2, and is, according to the current OPPN, zoned for the construction of apartment buildings (B + GF + 2 + L) with a common underground car park.



In Orehova vas, a few 100 meters from the Maribor-Ptuj highway exit, a large land plot in the size of 9,113.00 m2 stretches across an area scattered with residential dwellings. The land lot is surrounded by houses and farms, and is accessed from the main road.



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