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The core of the problem is the distribution of the revenue generated by these events. There have been a number of heated discussions and some have even become physical. The ski federation, led by the renowned banker, Stane Valant, is the formal organizer of the event, while the Planica sports club takes care of the operational issues. The World Cup ski jumping events attract huge numbers of spectators and are broadcast to many countries; therefore, they generate considerable profits, believed to be several million euros. The ski federation expects its share, but the Planica organizers, led by the legendary ski jump designer, Janez Gorisek, believe that the amount they want is disproportionate. The federation has also been accused of keeping the money from television rights that should go to Planica. What is even worse is the lack of transparency as to who gets what from where. The financial report for the World Championships that were held last February was released as late as November. It had been believed that its publication would have ended the affair, but it didn't. The accusations have gone both ways. The federation is being accused of hiding the true numbers as well as spending the money from Planica on the Alpine ski team and other purposes unrelated to Nordic skiing. Observers believe that the Planica money is one of three major sources of money for the federation but the very same money is also vital for the organizers in Planica. The Planica organizers, on the other hand, are being accused by the federation of not investing the money back into the facilities, including the old jump, and the mismanagement of funds. Gorisek insists that the ski jump would have already been rebuilt without external interference. He also stressed that he, and the 500 other people involved in the operation, perform miracles given the resources available. Both parties remain defiant. Gorisek and his people want the president of the federation, Valant, to resign and the federation wants to replace Branko Dolhar as the president of the organizing committee. Without the committee and with the next World Cup finale being only four months away, this is actually a serious concern for the fans of the event, who might be deprived of their annual pilgrimage to Planica.


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