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Slovenia's new tourism slogan highlights unique experiences


The essence of the previous slogan will remain the underlying idea of the tourist promotion, as the "story of Slovenia as a green, boutique destination of five-star experiences is clear and has been widely accepted", STO head Maja Pak said as she presented the new slogan.

The idea was to freshen up the communication and upgrade it on a more personal level in line with the new trends of digital marketing and the latest perception of luxury as well as to appeal more to the powerful segment of millennials, she explained.

The new slogan has the potential to be incorporated into all existing activities and expand the I Feel Slovenia brand additional content.

The STO plans to use the new slogan for the next three to five years, according to Miša Novak of the board.

The new slogan is a project of a Slovenian-US consortium of marketing agencies led by the Slovenian communication agency Yootree.

Visitors are increasingly looking for experiences rather than products and cherish authenticity above all else. They like inspiring stories and unique moments, which is what Slovenia can offer, said Tomaž Apohal of Yootree in explaining the slogan.

The STO will start using the new slogan gradually, and will include it also in its 2019 global digital campaign.


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