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What expectations do you have of the new government?


"The government should not undertake reckless measures which would wreck everything the economy has created in recent years - for its own sake and for the sake of the country. If the economy is supported by appropriate political decision making, we can achieve a target of EUR 60,000 of value added per employee and EUR 50bn in exports by 2025.

The government should focus on counter-cyclical fiscal policy, by lowering public debt, reforming the pension and health systems and making them more sustainable, as well as creating a more business-friendly environment. Tax relief for the most highly-skilled personnel, a smart immigration policy and an increase in the numbers of older employees are critical. Improvement in the cooperation between the economic and scientific sphere is crucial to increase the value added in companies."

Boštjan Gorjup, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS)

"Employees want higher net income, while capital wants to maximise its returns. With a smart policy, we need to find the right balance between both sides as we are all well aware that capital goes where there is the highest return possible. Slovenia can be successful if it will be able to attract the large companies, learn how to preserve already established companies and be able to succesfully cherish the desire of entrepreneurial Slovenians to set up companies."

Aleksander Zalaznik, General Manager of Danfoss Trata and Senior Vice-President of DEN Controls, President of the Managers's Association of Slovenia

"As the President of the Association of Employers of Slovenia (ZDS) and Director of Boxmark Leather d.o.o., I expect the government, in accordance with a healthy social agreement, to enable the changes to be agreed with the social partners and not to take a decision without consultation and consent from all partners.
These are big challenges for the new government and I believe that with the mutual agreement of all social partners there is a way that will satisfy all partners."

Marjan Trobiš, CEO, Boxmark Leather d.o.o., President of the Employers' Association of Slovenia (ZDS)


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