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RoboticsX launches R&D centre in Ljubljana


According to RoboticsX, the partnership will make it possible for Yaskawa to establish a smart factory in Kočevje, Slovenia, where the company is building its first European robot plant, to be followed by a robot component factory.

A few months ago, RoboticsX and Yaskawa Europe signed an agreement to develop Industry 4.0 solutions for Yaskawa and its clients designed for factories of the future.

"I am proud of my team and partners. Together we demonstrate what top-notch technological know-how Slovenia possesses," Peter Boras, RoboticsX co-funder and executive director, commented.

Situated in Slovenia's largest shopping and commercial district, the R&D centre Area X-1 currently employs 34 people, but the team is to double within the next six months.

"We have bold plans. Together with the management of BTC City we are looking into the possibility to expand development premises to 6000 square metres because we plan to employ around 350 people in Slovenia," Boras said.

Area X-1 is to take on engineers specialising in the fields of industrial process automation, online technology development, communication protocols and connectivity.

It is also looking for engineers familiar with the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous and self-learning systems.

RoboticsX will supply its smart robot solutions to companies such as John Deere, Continental, Eberspächer, Tenneco, EGS and some other companies mainly from the automotive industry.

The company says that modern robots will revolutionise the car industry by allowing greater personalisation of cars, diversifying car makes and enabling manufacturers to better control the quality of their products and make production more efficient.


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