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Slovenian olive oil producer patents new extraction method


The olive oil produced this way is healthier because it keeps up to 30% more antioxidantes than traditionally extracted oil. It is also more durable and its production time is shortened from 45 to 30 minutes.

Presenting his innovation to the press on Wednesday, the owner of the eco oil-extraction plant Torkla said he got the idea while reading medical literature about administering drugs directly into a cell.

He thought about ways to get olive oil molecules from the cells, and came up with the idea to "open" the cells using ultrasound technology.

After five years, he managed to install special units producing ultrasound on extraction machines with extensive help from electrical engineer Milenko Sekulič.

As a result, olives no longer need to be heated up to 27 degrees Celsius for cold pressing, as the ultrasound causes cell walls to open so that oil molecules are separated from the rest of the mass.

Having obtained the patent from the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, Bajda has now submitted the new method for international review. He plans to offer his solution to pharmacies and specialised food stores.

Bajda's eco farm produces around two tonnes of olive oil a year and it now plans to offer the new method to its customers as well.


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