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What should be on the priority list of the new government?


AmCham Slovenia, together with the other Chambers and business associations in Slovenia (Gospodarski krog), is caling upon the new government to lead a responsible fiscal policy and ensure moderate growth in government expenditure for the purpose of raising the public finance surplus. We are convinced that it is time to adopt key reforms that must address the unfavorable trend of an ageing population and make them more sustainable for the public treasury. In particular, we have in mind health, pension and tax reforms, modernisation of the public sector, and a policy for resolving the human resources gap which includes a modern education policy, greater adaptability of the labour market more appealing for talented individuals and an immigration policy. Only with a moderate approach and reasonable future-oriented measures can we strengthen our competitive advantages and create a stimulating economic environment that will ensure further economic growth, investment, employment and consequently the wellbeing of the citizens of Slovenia.


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