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What should be on the priority list of the new government?


The EU structure will bring many changes in the coming years. Businesses are already adapting, as they always do, but they need certainty from the government to be able to plan effectively and continue growing. A strong focus on foreign policy and trade should be two of the main priorities of the new Slovene government. Slovenia continues to be an interesting investment destination for UK companies as they adapt their business strategies due to Brexit and search for opportunities on the continent, so putting more effort in to attracting new investors from the UK can be beneficial for Slovenia. On the other side, the United Kingdom continues to be an attractive market for Slovene export and investment and so achieving good deals on trade, standards and the movement of people is of interest to both the EU and the UK. The Slovene Foreign Ministry and the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology should therefore work hand in hand to make the best deal possible for the EU and the UK, setting the stage for good, post-Brexit cooperation in Europe which will continue to facilitate trade between the UK and Slovenia.  


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