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What should be on the priority list of the new government?


From the LSBC's perspective, the first priority should be small and medium-sized companies as they are the backbone of economic growth and innovation. If Slovenia wants to be attractive for SME's and even attract foreign companies, it should create conditions comparable with the most progressive business environments in Europe.

Slovenia has enormous potential in various investment opportunities. LSBC, with the support of the Embassy of Slovenia in Brussels and Honorary Consulate of Slovenia in Luxembourg, recently presented more than 20 investment projects to the Luxembourg business community. Attractiveness for foreign investments is always a good sign of the economic health of a country, Luxembourg, with EUR 1.5bn, is already the second largest investor in Slovenia.

The policymakers should leave business to do their work and focus more on creating an atmosphere where common goals and common welfare prevails over the partial interest of individuals or elites.


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