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What should be on the priority list of the new government?


Since Slovenia has the opportunity to create and maintain a predictable business environment, the new Slovenian government should start by respecting the principles of the rule of law. The first step should be the necessary tax reform to achieve strong competitiveness in the labour market. This will not be reached by raising taxes and associated contributions on labour costs, but rather by equalising the conditions for citizens with a normative status. We encourage the adoption of tax reform aimed at stimulating value added work and not to increase the tax on profits from capital investment and company profits. We are also facing difficulity in keeping high quality staff in the country because taxation on individuals is presently excessive. In order to motivate our workers we should adopt labour legislation. As the digitalisation era is progressing fast, we need to put more focus on the impact of the following legislation. Suggestions include advanced EIDAS regulations, possible issuing a qualified digital certificate to all citizens, embedded on the ID or the health insurance card, thus facilitating digitalisation of business. 


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