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Eurofitness Group is owned by the sporting organisation, UBAE, which started business operations in Slovenia in 2010. UBAE and Sportna Unija Slovenija have been collaborating on common projects and networks since 1995, when UBAE led the constitution of the European Organization Sport and Health (CESS). Year by year we strengthened our bilateral cooperation based on the exchange of experiences and participation in training events.

Since 1995, Eurofitness has developed in different business areas. Other than the sporting facilities management that started in 1990 in the city of Barcelona, 20 years ago we started to develop our training programs. Hundreds of young instructors have been trained in our centre, Eurofitness Edu and many of them have become professionals in the fitness industry because of their official certification.

In 2015, the third business branch was launched with the opening of a sport hostel in the central part of Barcelona. It has a capacity of 450 beds and its booking rate is one of the highest of the city.

Finally, as a consequence of a joint venture with a business school, we are providing university degrees based on fitness and technology.

What knowledge and work principles did you introduce to Slovenia at the beginning?

Since introducing our processes in Slovenia, we have been focussed on providing a new experience for our customers. The offer of a multipurpose club at an affordable fee was one of our pillars. This offer should be implemented through a different design of the club and include several options for training and leisure. The combination of a spa area, pool, fitness training and group exercise sessions has become quite an innovative option in the country.

Trained and customer-oriented staff were and are irrevocable principles of ours. As a result, we focused on group exercise sessions as a way to maintain permanent contact with our customers. We introduced some of our more successful activities, led by experienced instructors trained in our sport club network. Finally, we invite all our new members to have an interview with our instructors who can suggest to them the most suitable activities in the club.

All the information generated by the club regarding the profile of users is ruled by a strong data management software, designed by us, which allows us to get current information about the development of the operations of the club and keep us informed about members who may not have attended for a while or market niches and set up a concrete communication strategy.

After eight years, how satisfied are you with the work that has been done and with your Slovenian partners and team members? You have 15 centres across Europe, how do they differ from one another?

After eight years of experience, we feel fully satisfied. We have consolidated good staff who understand and share the values of the company. Our Slovenian partner has trusted us as a partner in all phases of the business operations. From the beginning, participating in the design of the club to the latest operational processes. We feel proud of our work in Slovenia and we feel very comfortable working with our partner here.

Although we implement the same processes in all of our clubs, we accept and manage the differences as part of our continuous improvement. In many cases, local solutions become global in our network of clubs.

Being the Vice President of the Sports for All Association, how do you view Slovenia? How developed is Slovenia in this respect?

Slovenia is the most active nation in Europe. Slovenians love physical activity. The country has a lot of possibilities to practice, especially in the natural environment and a nice sport infrastructure has been developed in the last 10 years.

There are consolidated clubs and sport organisations and the participation of society in sporting activities and events is very significant.

I see political interest in increasing the access to physical activity for as many people as possible and I think sporting organisations can play a very important role in this area, promoting programs of activities. Public and private partnerships should help the creation of innovative physical activity.

What are your plans to expand the company's operations in Slovenia and the broader region?

We have created a business structure in Slovenia and a good team of professionals. It makes it easier to evaluate projects linked to any of our areas of business. At the same time, we have a solid alliance with Sportna Unija.

Slovenia and the broader region offer nice opportunities to enlarge our network of sporting centres and the interest of younger generations for physical activity as a future professional career, and allows us to consider the potential of our educational programs.
The tourism industry is also increasing in the region and probably requires the type of business model that fits in our strategy.

How do you personally experience Slovenia and Ljubljana?

From more than 20 years I have regularly visited Slovenia. I have found and lived a nice experience every time and I have always felt as at home. It's a nice country and I never miss an opportunity to recommend it.


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