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Pahor speaks at African Union on second day of Ethiopia visit


Pahor and Faki discussed at the meeting at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa the relations between the EU and the African Union and exchanged views on the future of both institutions, the president's office said in a press release.

Faki presented to the Slovenian president Agenda 2063, the action plan of the African Union for the continent for the next next 50 years which envisages better integration of individual regions in Africa and of institutions of the African Union.

The African Union Commission chairman was interested in Pahor's view of the future of the EU, which he sees as an example of cooperation for the African Union. Pahor meanwhile invited Faki to visit the Africa Day conference in Slovenia, which takes place in May.

Addressing the committee, Pahor described Slovenia's path from declaring independence to its full integration in the international community, especially the EU, and its contribution to the creation of the common foreign and security policy of the EU.

The Slovenian president called for closer cooperation between the EU and the African Union, arguing that the two organisations were connected by their efforts for peace, security and well-being, Pahor's office said in a press release.

Pahor also emphasised the need to strengthen multilateralism, saying that Slovenia deeply believed in multilateralism as a system which ensured the respect of human rights and international law. It also encourages social progress and better standard of living for all, he added.

As part of the official visit, the president also visited today the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the National Museum of Ethiopia in the Ethiopian capital.

The president started his three-day visit to Ethiopia on Monday, when he met his counterpart Mulatu Teshome. He will wrap up the visit tomorrow by meeting Speaker of the House of People's Representatives Muferiat Kamil and the EU's ambassadors to Ethiopia and the African Union.


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