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Tony and Laurence Olivier Award-winning comedy coming to Slovenia


After winning over the West End and Broadway, The play that goes wrong, is finally coming to Ljubljana, Slovenia! This Broadway's theatrical comedy, which received the prestigious Tony Award for the best scenic design in 2017 and the Laurence Olivier Prize for the best new comedy of 2015, already took over the audience in more than 20 countries around the world. The play that goes wrong has everything you never wanted in a Broadway Show, and this time you'll get the privilege to see it in a Slovenian production, directed by the talented Jure Ivanušič.

The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society welcomes us on stage to its newest and by far the most demanding production: an English murder mystery entitled "The Murder at the Haversham Manor". But a series of unpredictable and extremely entertaining events, quickly turn the ongoing action on stage from bad to catastrophic. Even though the main actress passes out on the stage, the script gets lost somewhere, all scenic elements fall from the wall, and actors trip over everyone and everything (including their lines), it's a classic murder mystery... and it is also a great mystery if the actors will successfully even bring the show until the end.

This Broadway's funniest award-winning comedy, that goes completely wrong, will leave you aching with laughter - The play that goes wrong - 22. November and 23. November - Festivalna dvorana, Ljubljana







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